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Basic Introduction about origin of AICMEU

References and Reading Materials on Islamic Economics and Economic status of Indian Muslims

Reading Material about Feqah on Zakah

Reading Material on Sadqah other than Zakah

Quranic Verses and hadith on Social Service in Islam

Community Initiative & Education of Muslims in Maharashtra

Muslim population distribution in 300 Districts of India

Paper on Zakat & Economic Empowerment of Indian Muslims

Interest Free Financial Institutions of India (IFFI's of India) in Crisis

Report on Indian Muslim NGO's Meet at Mumbai

Community Coordination Initiative (Federation of Muslim NGOs)

Figures on Profession wise Indian Muslim Workers

Figures on Industry wise Indian Muslim Workers

Justice Rajendra Sachar Committee Report about status of Indian Muslim

Plan for Economic Development of Indian Muslim


Main as well as Ancillary Aims & Objects of AICMEU


Interest free Banking Services through AICMEU Baitulmal Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.

General Educational at IQRA Model School, Gaura Chowki, Gonda

General Educational at Sadia Public School, Mumbra, Thane

Computer Education and Training Services at AICMEU J. R. Career Centre

Vocational Education & Training ( ITI Courses) At AICMEU Industrial Training Centre

Employment Information & Vocational Guidance Services

Internet based Employment Database services through www.login4job.com

AICMEU Bait L Zakat- Aid to needy & poor through Zakat Funds

Tehrik E Zakat, India - Promotion of Centralized zakat System

AICMEU Scholarship Division - Adoption of poor but meritorious professional students

Rehabilitation of Physically Challenged People through AICMEU HHF Rehabilitation Scheme

Economic Aid & Assistance for small enterprises

Monthly Stipend to widows

General Information services through publication of Newsletters, directories & booklets etc.

Work Report

Brief Annual Work Report of AICMEU

Annual Work reports of AICMEU for previous years


List of Beneficiaries under various schemes

Beneficiaries helped under Bait Al Zakat

Beneficiaries of Mumbai Flood Relief Camp

Beneficiaries of Economic rehabilitation after Mumbai Flood relief work

Beneficiaries of AICMEU HHF Rehabilitation Scheme

Graduates helped under Adoption Scheme by AICMEU Scholarship Division

Work Plan

Annual Work Plan of AICMEU for the year 2006-07

About Us

Official Documents of AICMEU

Indian Companies Act Registration Certificate

Bombay Public Trust Act certificate

Article & Memorandum of Association

Funding Partners of AICMEU

PAN Card certificate of AICMEU

Certification under 12 A Act

FCRA Permission Certificate


Annual Budget Estimate for the year 2006-07

Audited Income & Expenditure Statement of AICMEU for the year 2005-06

List of Funding Agencies / Donors of helping AICMEU


Trusts / Societies opened up by AICMEU

Movements Launched by AICMEU

Studies / Surveys conducted by AICMEU

Current Survey / Study / research work under AICMEU


List of AICMEU's General Body

List of AICMEU's Governing Board

Executive Council Members of AICMEU 

Staff members of AICMEU