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Annual Work Plan of AICMEU

 (For the year 2009-10)

Dated - Friday, April 24, 2009


The Year 2009 - 10  being 26th year of AICMEU's working,  we propose to have a historical review, assessment and planning for future so that the organization may achieve success in its basic objectives.  


 1.      Historical Review:

It is proposed to hold a special meeting of trustees and members of the Governing Board to review the basic objectives, work performances and plans of AICMEU before framing strategic plan for future.


2.      Silver Jubilee Celebration

Being 26th year of Working, the year 2009-10 will be marked as silver jubilee celebration year for AICMEU. In this regard following scheduled programme is proposed.


a.      Publishing 25 years work report in a souvenir.

b.      Vision Document of AICMEU for 2030.

c.      Workshop on Economic Development of Indian Muslims.


3.      Vision Document of Indian Muslims

After Sachar committee Report, much has been said about socio – economic and educational deprivation of Indian Muslims, but the community has still to make a vision document for its own development. Thus AICMEU proposes to prepare a vision document for Indian Muslims and release it on the occasion of our silver jubilee and even hold a workshop of prominent Muslim leaders from all walks of life including NGOs, intellectuals, scientists, entrepreneurs, Aalims, Muslim IAS officials and Vice-chancellors, and also genuine political leaders etc.


4.      Strengthening the divisional and Zonal Committees

It is proposed to reorganize the zonal and divisional committees. In this regard it is important to note that henceforth all works related to educational development shall be executed through Indian Literacy Mission (ILM) Trust, thus AICMEU will have their nominated members in ILM to take care of the priorities and agendas of AICMEU.


5.      Multi State Cooperative Credit Society

As a plan to extend services of AICMEU’s Baitulmal Cooperative Credit Society Ltd., to other parts of India, it is proposed to register a Multi State Cooperative Credit Society called Sahyog to promote interest free banking and Finance in India.


6.      Formation of Self Help Groups for promoting Micro Finance

With an objective to promote Micro Finance among poor and vulnerable living in and around Mumbai, It is proposed to develop the work of Self Help Group Scheme for people of Mumbai, Mumbai suburb and Thane Districts.


7.      Introduction of Islamic Micro Finance Products

Considering the scope of Islamic Micro Finance, it is proposed to design innovative products in Islamic Micro Finance to allow Islamic Financial Institutions and Micro Finance institutions to launch Islamic Micro Finance products for those who wish to abide by Islamic Shariah.


8.      Advancement of online employment database programme

It is proposed to complete the pending work of upgrading online employment database programme to benefit the employers and jobseekers through www.login4job.com . It is also proposed that same portal will be promoted in and around Mumbai.


9.      Promotion of Tehrik E Zakat India

Beside extending monthly contribution to 150 widows and other financial aids to poor and needy through AICMEU’s Bait Al Zakat, it is planned to promote the concept of Centralized Zakat System in India by following means –


a.      Publish and distribute at least 4,000 booklets on centralized Zakat system.

b.      Publish at least 10 articles in newspapers / magazines and journals.

c.      Organize regional workshops on Centralized Zakat System

d.      Launch campaign and enroll at least 100 members of Tehrik E Zakat India.


10. Addition of ten more computers at AICMEU’s J. R. Career centre

Proposed to add one server with ten Thin client for students of MS – CIT at AICMEU’s J. R. Career centre.


11. Rehabilitation of at least 50 more physically challenged persons

It is proposed to rehabilitate / provide equipments to at least 50 handicap applicants under AICMEU’s HHF Rehabilitation schemes. It is also proposed that due initiative will be taken to promote this scheme in corporate sector so that extra resources could be mobilized. Efforts will also be made to develop cooperation and coordination with Government institutions / organizations. It is also proposed that due initiative will be made to mobilize financial resources from corporate sector, government and non government organizations for this scheme.


12. Entrepreneurship Development Programme

It is proposed that Entrepreneurship Development Programme will be conducted with help of Government and private organizations to impart entrepreneurship skill among community youths and to help them promote their businesses after proper training.   


Dr. M. I. Bagsiraj

Hon. Secretary General


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