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To economically uplift the community under the guidelines of Islamic economics, the organization has been working in the following fields and served more than 161 thousand members of the community during last 25 years (1984-85 to 2008-09). During last 25 years we established few institutions and service units to render the needful services.

  1. Interest free deposits and credits through AICMEU's Baitulmal Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.

  2. Employment Information & Vocational Guidance through Employment Centre and www.login4job.com

  3. Computer Education and Training at AICMEU's J. R. Career Centre.

  4. General Education and Remedial Coaching at our sponsored and adopted Schools.

  5. Rehabilitation to physically and Economically Challenged with help of IMRC, USA and HHF, USA.

  6. Technical. Education and Training Services through ITI Courses

  7. Educational Aid / Scholarships through Adoption Scheme

  8. Administration of Zakat Funds through AICMEU's Bait Al Zakat

  9. Promotion of the concept of Centralized Zakat System through Tehrik E Zakat, India.

  10. Relief Services after natural disaster by providing aid and assistance for rehabilitation.

  11. Medical & Clinical Services through AICMEU's Baba E Qaum Medical Services Trust.

  12. Information & Guidance through published materials AICMEU's Newsletter and other publications.

  13. Capacity Building Programmes through Camps, Seminars  & Work shops

  14. Promotion of NGOs through Community Coordination Initiatives.

  15. Business Services through Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India. & www.vyaparindia.com