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AICMEU - Making efforts for Inclusive Growth of India


150 millions Indian Muslims despite being 10% of world Muslim and around 14% of Indian population hardly make any impact on national and international economy because over 50% of them are illiterate and living below the poverty line. The Sachar Committee Report 2006 also endorses the observations of the founders of AICMEU as they formed a board in 1982 and initiated following services for inclusive growth since 1984. 

1. Economic growth through Micro Finances,

2. Eradicating unemployment by bridging information gap from the employment market,

3. Providing Job oriented technical education and training courses,

4. Promotion of Islamic Economic Ethics for inclusive growth,

5. Improving social infrastructure through Knowledge, Capacity Building and Networking.

Since the concept of Inclusive Growth was not much popular in 1980's, the formation of AICMEU was initially considered as a community oriented effort instead of a means to ensure inclusive growth for India. While serving over 161,000 persons and institutions in last 25 years AICMEU never discriminated on of religion, region or linguistic grounds and emerged as most successful NGO to assure inclusive growth of India by economically uplifting Indian Muslims in particular and poor in general.


The strategy of AICMEU though driven by Islamic economic doctrines well complies with Government strategic plan for inclusive growth. It would be vital contribution to India, if we ensure inclusive growth without creating any ill wills among different faith based communities. It is only possible when majority and better off communities take sincere efforts to pull minorities and backward communities like Indian Muslims up from the level they are and let them duly participate in nation's socio economic growth.


Informative and analytical news and reports is required for implementing upon inclusive growth plans. Increased role and responsibility of community based NGOs is vital for ensuring inclusive growth of a nation divided among communities. To bridge the information gap about inclusive growth plans and strategies, AICMEU has resolved to restart publication of AICMEU's Newsletter as quarterly from January 2010. Please ensure your intellectual contribution along with donations and advertisement and enable us publish it regularly. We as a community and nation can only succeed when earnestly fulfill our individual responsibilities towards the community and the nation. The role of individuals decides virtue of the community and the communities decides the fate of the nation.

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