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AICMEU's Bait Al Zakat


In the year 1988–89 AICMEU organized workshops and seminars on community development and resolved to form AICMEU Bait Al Zakah to make the Zakah payers aware about the need and importance of Bait Al Zakah (Centralized Zakah System). Since 1989, we at AICMEU, have organized a number of seminars, workshops and symposiums on centralized Zakah system. A series of booklets has been published and distributed among the Zakah payers, community workers, organization of different cities and states of India. It resulted in formation of a number of small Zakah institutions in places like Mumbai, Delhi, Aligarh, Kanpur,  Patna, Guwahati, Kolkatta etc. but the task is not yet over. Every year we publicize the concept of centralized Zakah system through booklets, posters, banners and stickers etc. The campaign is on and members of the community are being aware about the concept. Though it is difficult for the Zakah payers to revoke the old pattern of Zakah distribution, many Zakah payers are coming forward to assist us in establishment of Zakah institution.


During last 20 years (1989–2009) at AICMEU Bait Al Zakah,  we have collected Rs. 1,14,33,382 and disbursed the same to lend a hand over 13,876 needy persons and organizations in the community. Last year (2008-09) itself we helped over 2,481 persons with amount of Rs. 12,49,752 to meet their basic need. The yearly statement of amount disbursed through AICMEU Bait Al Zakat may been viewed by clicking on relevant text here in right side.


The community need to organize the Zakat system at different level to optimize the economies of Zakat System.  Hope more of our Zakat payers will pay due attention over system of centralized Zakat system in coming days.We solicit guidance and enquiries about collection and distribution pattern of Zakat funds.

Dr. Abdul Mobin


AICMEU’s Bait Al Zakah

Tel. – 2347 8329 / 98 9205 7452