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AICMEU'S Scholarship Division (ASD) is an agency that manages and mobilizes financial support for students who are otherwise meritorious but financially too weak to support their learning. Hence look towards or strive to search and come in contact with that section of our society, which is financially sound enough to lend and extend helping hand. ASD is a helping hand that assists both sections of the society with a bridge and mutual interaction. It short-lists genuine seekers of educational scholarship on the one hand. And on the other contacts and convinces philanthropists to sponsor and provide assistance to a student, as per their own choice, for completion of the course.

`Mere economic upliftment will leave the community starved of intellectual depth, intuition and scholarly attributes that sustain the growth of society or a nation'. So thought AICMEU and launched its Scholarship Division in the year 1995. In the preceding years AICMEU had been coordinating the IDB Scholarship Programme with Students Islamic Trust, Delhi."

For how long, we wondered aloud, would us, hundred and fifty million Muslims survive on the charity of our brethren"? Even if ten percent of Zakah, disbursed every year, is earmarked to meet the education related expenses of the Muslims, whose percentage dropouts at primary level is highest for the economic reasons, it would amount to a staggering hundreds of crores! The amount would be more than enough to finance one whole term of Aligarh Muslim University, to feed lakhs of residents of Mumbai for one full day. The enormity of the task, envisaged, to roll in the high income Group of the Ummah encouraged AICMEU to respond to the challenge and exploit the hitherto untapped resource. We at AICMEU did not expect miracles. We do not await miracle to happen. We create miracle by the grace of Allah. 'Nothing for man save what he strives for' (Al-Quran) is our basic principle. That is our SURVIVAL KIT. Our efforts have been sincere. Shortcomings we admit, but we do not take matters lying down, not in ASD.

How Can One Help Needy Students?

That is a million dollar question. A question every Muslim must address to himself/ herself and solicit a reply. Where there is a will there is a way - so goes the saying. If you dear, brothers / sisters have a will we have formulated the way. No, we will not come to you every now and then for collection. We will not unleash members of our workforce to bother you day in and day out. We shall delegate the responsibility to you. We want to be with you for assistance to you. Once the matter is clear to you we would rather a response. No knocking of doors unless asked for.

Once sponsors are known our scholarship bureau prepares a list of students who are financially challenged but meritorious. All you need to do is adopt any one or more of these and finance theirs studies for one full term.


You may introduce our scheme to others in your circle of friends who may be willing to earn the reward in the Hereafter. Or even you may recommend AICMEU's name to the people who you gauge to be looking for just this kind of approach.  Contribution in any form is welcome not only by AICMEU but Allah too. We have calculated the approximate amount for various grades taking into consideration the hiked tuition fees, hostel fees, and boarding charges which is as follows: -

Level of Education

Monthly Scholarship

In IRS. / US $

Annual Scholarship

in IRS. / US $ 

(for 13 Month)

Primary Level (Std. I to IV)

IRS. 050 / US$ 1.2

IRS. 0650 / US$ 015

Secondary Level (Std. V to X)

IRS. 100 / US$ 2.3

IRS. 1300 / US$ 029

Higher Secondary Level (Std. XI & XII)

IRS. 150 / US$ 3.3

IRS. 1950 / US$ 044

Degree Level (General Education)

IRS. 400 / US$ 09

IRS. 5200 / US$ 116

Post Graduate Level (General Education)

IRS. 600 / US$ 14

IRS. 7800/ US$ 174

Degree/Diploma in Medical & Engineering

IRS. 2000 / US$ 45

IRS. 26000/ US$ 578

Management Studies (P.G. Level)

IRS. 2000 / US$ 45

IRS. 26000/ US$ 578

 "For those who strive in our path we Ease their burden through guidance "-(Al -Quran)

Every penny that you contribute will Insha Allah be rewarded minimum tenfold in the paradise. Every student you would sponsor thus will be an asset to the Ummah in general and Muslim community of India in particular.


AICMEU is   a   highly    transparent organization in its financial dealings. We are accountable to our donors indeed our dealings are high on morals and selfless in objective.  Why not when Allah is our judge, Mohammad (pbuh) is the ideal and Quran the constitution. Our accounts are audited quarterly by our internal auditors and annually by a qualified Chartered Accountant. The same is regularly considered and approved by the members and submitted to the charity commissioner. Alhamdolillah, in more than a decade of our existence we have an impeccable record of never being accused of malafide intentions or acts.

Donors, present or prospective, are anytime welcome to counter audit our accounts and address theirs apprehensions if any.  For, we at AICMEU have clear perception that we are simply `trustees' and not the owners of the funds and properties.