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Work Report of AICMEU for April 2005 to March 2006


We are pleased to present before you a brief Work Report of the organization for 2005-06.


I. Work Report of Organizations:



Following officials have been nominated as members of the “Coordination Committee”.


  1. Prof. M. S. Faizy                Secretary, AICMEU’s Baitulmal Coop. Cr. Society Ltd.

  2. Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmad       Trustee, Indian Literacy Mission Trust

  3. Maulana Farooque Islahi       Trustee, Iqra Education Society

  4. Dr. M. Ismail Shaikh            Trustee, AICMEU’s Baba E Qaum Medical Services Trust

  5. Maulana Shoeb Koti   Secretary, Tehreek E Zakah, India



AICMEU continues to provide free office space and furniture to Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry India (ICCII), and FIN, now renamed as Community Coordination Initiative (CCI).These organizations are also using free computer, and electricity. However the phone bill of Telephone No. 2347 8884 is being paid by ICCII as it is fully used by ICCII.



The project of ‘Alliance and Networking’ has culminated into registration of Community Coordination Initiative (CCI), promoted by AICMEU in association with other NGO’s of India. It has led to creation of a database of approx. 1000 Muslim NGO’s of India.


II. Employment Information and Vocational Guidance:



During 1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006, the local employment information center has registered 603 jobseekers against 1191 vacancies. After arranging 1659 interviews, the centre has helped 331 jobseekers to secure jobs in local market. The monthly performance sheet is given below –



Registered Jobseekers

Vacancies Received

Number of Interviews

Selected Candidates






MAY 05















AUG. 05





SEP. 05





OCT. 05





NOV. 05





DEC. 05





JAN. 06





FEB. 06





MAR. 06










 Efforts have been made to open five employment information centers to work with the single database of www.login4job.com. The project proposals have been submitted to a few sponsors. Response is awaited. Insha Allah efforts will be reinforced after some needful changes in the database programme.


During 2005-06, 28,299 people have visited our website www.login4job.com, 8,348 jobseekers have registered, but only 5,107 have submitted their resume profiles. On the other hand 180 employers have presented 2,615 vacancies for 321 posts. The database programme has generated 17,243 job information and posted e-mails facilitating a match between respective employers and jobseekers. 165 persons are interested to work as Info Center for us. ‘Placement Club’ is also proposed to be set up. Two paid and three free members of the ‘Placement Club’ have already started functioning, more are in the offing.



A separate team consisting of the following persons has been constituted to promote and monitor the website www.login4job.com


  1. Mr. Moin Don

  2. Mr. Salim Aziz Shaikh

  3. Mr. Etibar Shah Khan

  4. Mr. Irfan Navrekar

  5. Mr. Iqbal Memon (Officer)

  6. Dr. Rahmatullah A. Ahad

  7. Mr. H. B. Nawab

  8. Mr. Syed Zahid Ahmad


A young engineer (Mr. Nisar Khatib) is operating as programmer to modify the existing programme. The data base requires further refinements. 


III. Educational Development:



The continuation of adoption is under process and hopefully we will get two extra rooms for the purpose of coaching classes in J. R. Municipal Secondary School.



With an object to arrange required funds for procurement of one acre land and construction of 7 classrooms and two W.C. in Iqra Model School, a project has been prepared and submitted to Saudi Embassy for grant / donation. The response is awaited.


About performance of school during 2005-06 it is, heartening to note that 106 new students were admitted in classes from KG to 5th standard, enhancing the total strength of the school to 286. 37 students have failed while 250 have passed in their annual examinations.



The Flood of 26th July 2005 damaged almost all schools, and Sadia Public School was no exception. After Flood we provided educational aid of Rs. 78,000 /- for 130 students of Indian Literacy Mission’s Sadia Public School, Mumbra. Temporarily some space has been hired for school classrooms and office. But no land could be purchased due to financial constraints. Recognition formalities for upper primary school (5-7) and 8th standard have been completed. It is in pipe line. We expect Govt. approval this year.  


IV. Scholarships:



Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Khan was appointed as Executive Secretary for ASD. He first focused on refund of scholarship and before he could work for new adoption, due to his family problems; he left the assignment. After him, Khan Riyazur Rehman has been assigned the job. Hopefully in the year 2006-07, he will get some adoptions.



With efforts of Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Khan, refund of Scholarship picked up some pace and by the end of 31st March 2006, we have received scholarship refunds of Rs. 1,95,630/- from 15 ASD graduates.


V. Technical Education and Training:



The academic standard of AITC has fallen to considerable extent. So much so that result in 2005-06 was 44% in total. It was 88.33% in RAC trade while in electrician trade it was 7.69%. To improve the teaching and administrative standard of the institute, Mr. Khan Mukhtar Ahmad was appointed as Director; he was also provided two more teaching staff to fulfil the deficiency of teachers. But he left the job in between.


The Institute’s Principal missed the last date (of 30.11.2005) for submitting application for permission to run a new course in Motor Mechanic Vehicle trade. It is expected that in next year, we shall get the permission. Thanks to MAEF, Delhi who have sanctioned an amount of Rs. 6,00,000/- out of a total requirement of Rs. 12,00,000/- for tools and equipments for this trade. An amount of Rs. 4,20,000/- has already been received by us as 80% of the grant. Rest 20% is expected be released after submitting the utilization certificate. The purchase of tools and equipments are in progress.  



With an object to develop the ‘Service Centre’ at AITC, a tour of students with instructor was made to Nasik along with the contractor to install electric meters. That experience was not successful as the staff along with teachers did not stand up to the task at Nasik.


Following group of three staff members at AITC have been assigned the responsibility to develop the ‘Service Centre’. Two other members from the managing committee have also been nominated.  

1.      Mr. Habib Shukri                Chairman MC AITC

2.      Mr. Kahlid Shaikh               Member MC AITC

3.      Mr. Shabbir Usmani            Principal AITC

4.      Mr. Khalil Shaikh                G. I. AITC

5.      Mr. Shabbir Ahmad             Instructor AITC

The completion of the repairing of institute premises has been held up due to shortage of funds. The deficiency of staff has been removed. We hope in coming six months, some positive results will be seen as far as the results of the institute and development of ‘Service Centre’ are concerned.


Thanks to IMRC (USA) who have granted us an amount of Rs. 2,18,237/- for up gradation of the tools and equipments for RAC retrofit. The procurement and purchase of tools and equipments for the same is in progress.



The efforts to increase the student’s strength in six monthly and one year courses of Computer Application and Multilingual DTP at AJRCC has been affected by the Mumbai Flood and renovation work at the centre. At the pre admission period, the Mumbai Flood affected the admission campaign.


The on-going renovation work at the school premises that ran for almost six months during the time of admissions affected the admission process. So the attempt to increase the student’s strength did not bear fruits. During the session Oct. 04 to Sept. 05, 64 students were admitted, with 9 drop outs 55 students appeared in final examination of one year diploma course. All students have passed the examination successfully.  During Oct. 05 to Sept. 06, 49 students were admitted against intake capacity of 60. Currently 2 drop outs have reduced the strength to 47. The building as well as computer lab renovation work is about to be completed. We need 10 more PCs for better capacity utilization.


For six monthly diploma in Office Automation and Computer Accountancy, 22 students against the intake of 25 were admitted during Jan. 05 to June 05. 12 students had appeared in the exam, only 6 passed. Of the second batch of 9 students only 6 appeared in examination, 5 have passed.


VI. Zakah Movement:



To promote the concept of centralized Zakah System, the committee of Tehrik-E-Zakah has been revised. After the sad demise of Maulana Gulam Jilani Nadvi, the committee appointed Maulana Abu Zafar Hassan Nadvi as new President of Tehrik-E-Zakah, India with Maulana Shoeb Koti as Secretary. The committee also appointed Dr. Rahmatullah as convener of the Tehrik and Maulana Ishtiyaq has been appointed as office secretary.


Following activities were undertaken by the new committee of Tehrik-E-Zakah, India. ` 

1.      A conference on the theme of ‘Centralized Zakah System’ was organized at Anjuman I Islam, V.T. Mumbai – 400 001 on 12th August 2005. Around 50 delegates participated. The conference was chaired by Maulana Abu Zafar Hassan Nadvi. A consensus had emerged in favour of establishment of Centralized Zakah Institution for effective collection and distribution of Zakah in India. For poverty elevation of Indian Muslims and proper allocation of Zakah funds for all the listed and desired purposes. Tehrik-E-Zakah India of AICMEU also published and launched a book on ‘Collective Zakah System’ during the conference.


2.      A seminar on ‘Utilization of Zakah’ was also organized at Pune.


3.      Dr. Rahmatullah presented a paper at national Seminar on ‘Zakah and Economic Empowerment of Indian Muslims’ organized by Zakah Foundation of India at Delhi on September 3 & 4, 2005.


To educate the general Zakah payers about the concept of Centralized Zakah Sytem, 4,000 copies of a booklet entitled – Ijtemai Nazme Zakah – Kya, Kyon aur Kaise has been published and distributed free of cost among the Zakah Payers of Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nashik districts. An advertisement of centralized Zakah system has also been published in local Urdu daily newspaper for awareness of general Zakah payers.



At present AICMEU’s Bait Al Zakah is providing monthly stipend of Rs. 200/- to 115 widows.


VII. Rehabilitation Scheme for Physically Handicapped:



With the help of Help Handicap Foundation USA, AICMEU has helped 30 handicaps to the extent of Rs. 3.58 lakh. 15 of the handicaps were helped with physical equipments and the rest were helped with economic aid for self employment.


VIII. Cooperation and Coordination:


Report H


26th July 2005 was a catastrophic rainy day in the lives of Mumbai citizens. As dreadful as Tsunami, the massive scale of distress and disturbance necessitated an equally massive response of relief and aid. AICMEU rose to the occasion with a team of 45 members to provide succour to the distressed families.  Immediately during flood, 81 families were helped with food material supplies. Subsequently some of the most affected areas of Kausa and Mumbra were surveyed; Severely affected families and their immediate requirements were identified; A package consisting of 25 items including food materials, vessels, stove, clothes and bed covers, blankets etc was prepared; In all about 1100 pacakes worth Rs. 6.22 lakhs were distributed thereby helping 5181 of the affected people.  


130 students of ‘Sadia Public School Mumbra’ were also helped with scholarship worth Rs. 78,000/-.


97 marginal entrepreneurs whose enterprises were destroyed in the deluge were helped to revive their enterprises. Rupees three lakhs were given to them for repair / purchase of their business equipments and aids.


Cooperation to SIT Delhi and IDB, Jeddah

Assistance to SIT Delhi and IDB Jeddah has been provided in organizing a three days Educational Development Seminar at Hajj House, Mumbai – 01 during 17th to 19th June, 2005.


To help SIT Delhi and IDB Jeddah, AICMEU extended full cooperation and support in organizing a three days Community Development Workshop at Hotel Sahil, Bellasis Road, Mumbai – 400008. The three days Community Development Workshop during 11th to 13th November 2005 was attended by around 120 participants. 


We have also helped Muslim Association for Advancement of Science (MAAS) to organize MAAS Award Ceremony 2006 to reward young Muslim Scientists. The programme was held on 4th February 2006 at 6.00 pm at Islam Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002 where in noted Muslims scientists participated. 


We have also helped ICCI in organizing a symposium on India Arab Economic Cooperation – The Road Ahead on 27th February 2006 at 6.30 pm at Islam Gymkhana wherein noted Economists Prof. Umer Chapra addressed the selected delegates from Indian Market along with some other dignitaries like Mr. M. Thakur, Joint Director of Foreign Trade, Mumbai.


IMI meet with Mumbai NGO representatives

To further up the cause of community development AICMEU has started assisting Indian Muslim Initiative to interact with Muslim Ngo’s of Mumbai. We have organized a one day meet of NGO’s on 27th of August, 2005 at Hotel Sahil, Mumbai – 08. Br. Iqbal Ysusuf (representative of Indian Muslims Initiative) addressed the participants.


PMO High Level Committee and Minority Commission’s Programme

We have responded to PMO high level committee with regard to collection of data related to Muslim’s economic and education status. We have provided them data of 300 most Muslim populated districts of India, which cover 84% of total Indian Muslim.


We have helped Maharashtra Minority Commission to invite people for a one day workshop on Education and Employment of Minorities, held on 18th of December 2005 at Alma Latifi Hall of M. H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnic. Certain points regarding the functioning of the committees and performance review were raised in that workshop.


This is AICMEU’s performance in the year that has gone by. It was realized with the cooperation and assistance of AICMEU’s Trustees, members, officials, donors, volunteers, workers and well wishers. We extend our sincere thanks to them and look forward to their continued guidance, cooperation and assistance.



Hon. Secretary General