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List of Beneficiaries Under Rehabilitation Scheme by year 2005-06

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AICMEU along with HHF sought to help the physically challenged people of our society. The AICMEU’s HHF Rehabilitation Scheme came in operation last year with an announcement made by HHF to have share in community development in India especially among handicaps. The first year was encouraging for both HHF and AICMEU as just after the announcement over 50 applicants turned up where 47 selected to be helped out. However after execution of the scheme, we could successfully manage to help 31 applicants. Now we have entered into second phase of the scheme with more focused attention top select and help applicants from Mumbai and Thane districts of Maharashtra only. The application forms for the second phase are currently being distributed from AICMEU office while at the same time it could be downloaded from the website as well. After first phase of operation, it was felt that the applicants need more focused effort, thus we have designed the application form in a way to help the applicants pay more focus on their planning and management. AICMEU help the applicants through Counseling and Guidance of the applicants as well.  


Help Handicap Foundation:-


HelpHandicap Foundation (hereinafter the HHF), is a non-profit organization committed to the betterment of people with disabilities in India. Through its program offerings HHF will continue to work towards overcoming some of the obstacles to education, employment and self-sufficiency. HHF along with AICMEU wish to help applicants of India through granted aid. Last year HHF provided $10000 as a grant to AICMEU to help the Candidates of Maharahstra for providing financial assistance:


Purpose of Grant:

The purpose of this grant is to fund innovative regional initiatives in which people with disabilities are engaged to become mobile and get self-employed, that results in a measurable impact on the individual leading to their participation in society and becoming part of mainstream living. HHF is specifically interested in the following programs:


1. Education Assist Program:

This program will financially assist people with disabilities go to school and seek various levels of education. The program will offer financial assistance for the following:


● Cost of tuition fees and or books for primary and secondary schools
● Cost of tuition fees and or books for professional colleges
● Other advanced professional training and courses


2. Equipment Assist:

Equipment Assist program will attempt to help provide adaptive aides to the needy, financial assistance will be considered for the following:

● Orthotics and prosthetics aides such as artificial limbs, braces, crutches and canes

● Motorized three wheeler scooters such as Luna or Kinetic Honda etc
● Vision aides such as smart sticks, leader dogs etc. Hearing aides etc

● Surgical procedures, only in exceptional cases


3. Employment Assist Program:

This program is intended to encourage people with disabilities join a mainstream life and be a contributor in society.  Employment Assist program will offer financial assistance to set up the following:

● Small business such as telephone booths, communication center
● Small business such as photocopy center
● Small business such as sewing center
● Small business such as dairy center, electrical shop etc

● Others


Eligible Applicants:

Only people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments with lower income are eligible to apply. Financial assistance offered will be subject to available funds, qualification and capabilities of applying candidates. Falsification or concealment of a material fact or submission of false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or misrepresentation shall result in disqualification.


Screening Process:

Application forms received at the AICMEU shall go through a screening and verification process. AICMEU shall submit copies of applications and all other relevant documents to HHF for record and information before disbursing funds. AICMEU is required to give a quarterly update on fund utilization.


Application Handling:

Due to lack of transportation and other methods, mobility remains an issue for people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments, care shall be taken to minimize their visit to the office of AICMEU for information sharing or updates.


Disbursement of Funds:

Financial assistance, if approved, shall only be made available to the institution or equipment provider; no personal checks shall be issued to the candidates.


Award Usage:

Majority of the funds available through this grant shall be used for Equipment Assistance and Employment Assistance programs.