Corsair Air Series AF and SP Cooling Fans Review

This is why there is a total of five variations in the Air Series that I am about to be discussing in depth. With fans there are three important things to consider for your purchases. Corsair is offering Quiet fans in 120mm and 140mm flavors, as well as Performance versions and even High Performance fans in 120mm frames. Typically more is better for most uses. Since Corsair has been in the chassis and cooling game for a while now, it only makes sense to leap into their own brand of fans. Whether you buy them as single or doubles is up to you, but let’s cover the fan options available.

The Corsair fans we are taking a look at come in two groups. The care package I received has at least one of each variety, while most come in the “œTwin Packs” that gives you two fans in one total package. While most users looking to extreme cooling on a cooler or in a case, don’t seem to care if fans are loud, there is an ever growing user base that prefer almost absolute silence from their builds.

With Corsair’s move to fans, they also realized that the market is varied and all users are not created equal. This group consists of the SP120 High Performance Edition and the SP120 Quiet Edition fans.

In today’s review we will be looking at all five selections to see just what Corsair brings with this really well balanced group of fans that should allow anyone in need of fans the right solution to their cooling needs.

Read more: The last bit to consider is the noise levels. The second thing to consider is static pressure or can the fan “œpush” the CFM it is rated for or does it flounder when placed against a cooler or radiator. One is obviously the air flow through the fan. These fans are the SP Series and these fans deliver more Static Pressure for dense fin arrangements or even radiator cooling. The first grouping is the AF or Air Flow series that offers the AF120 Performance Edition, the AF120 Quiet Edition and the AF140 Quiet Edition for those looking for a more average fan for everyday usage. For those of you looking for something with a little more, Corsair also offers another grouping of fans.

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