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Zakah Calculation Table

Sr. No Items Liable For Zakah Payments Market Value %for Zakah Zakah Amount
1 Cash, Bank and Credit Deposited in any kind 2.5
2 Gold, Gold Ornaments /Items & Accounts etc. 2.5
3 Silver, Silver Ornaments / Items & Accounts 2.5
4 Other Jewelry & precious Items (metallic coated, crafted or printed items & zari products etc. 2.5
5 Income from regular activity 2.5
6 Income from unusual activity 2.5
7 Commissions /profits received after any transaction or business 2.5
8 Gross Income from Production / processing unit or service 2.5
9 Agriculture Production with Rainy Water 10.0
10 Agriculture Production with Water arranged by personal efforts 5.0
11 Business Stock (at any particular time in a whole year) 2.5
12 Rents received from land , premise, vehicle or machines etc 2.5
13 Income from poultry , dairy farm, fisheries, mines or forestry etc 2.5
14 Cash received from Compensatory funds/deposits etc (once) 2.5
15 Investment made in shares/insurance/bonds etc (with intension) 2.5
16 Legal/Intellectual or other similar property with commercial value 2.5
17 Income in the form of loyalty, professional or service charges 2.5
18 Income or wealth received from holy war 20.0
19 Income or wealth received from underground (as unclaimed) 40.0
20 Net profit of last year kept intact) 2.5
  Total amount of Zakah payable for current Hijra year   =

Note :
1)Please consult any Islamic Scholar or Mufti (Prefebaly having command in Islamic Economics) in case of any confusion.
2)All Loans and liabilites should be deducted from the assets / balance before caculation the liable amount of Zakah.