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Annual Work Plan of AICMEU

 (For the year 2007-08)



A. Organizational Development


1.      Proposed to review the aims, objectives and performance of AICMEU over the years with a view to strengthen its functioning and effectiveness.

2.      Proposed to activate / re-constitute Departmental Committees of AICMEU with a view to systematize the work of each department.

3.      Proposed to enroll new members / coordinators from all the country to widen the reach as well as impact of AICMEU’s activities, through out the country.



B. Employment Information and Vocational Guidance


1.      Proposed to advance the service features of www.login4job.com

2.      Proposed to add at least 100 Job Info Centres at www.login4job.com

3.      Proposed to develop a database of over 20,000 jobseekers and 1,000 employers.



C. Educational Development


1.      Proposed to purchase additional land and develop 4 more classrooms and one computer laboratory at Iqra Model School, Gawra Chowki, Gonda.

2.      Proposed to continue the Support and assistance to Indian Literary Mission for development of Sadia Public School, at Mumbra, Thane.

4. Proposed to improve the teaching and learning environment of educational institutions under the care of AICMEU.



D. Scholarships


1.      Proposed to continue the coordination and cooperation with organizations like SIT, MET, IMRC, Sahayta Trust, and FSC who are having similar objects.

2.      Proposed to arrange Scholarship adoption for at least 25 new students under AICMEU’s Scholarship Division.

3.      Proposed to strengthen the drive for mobilizing refunds from ASD Graduates.

4.      Proposed to prepare and print a consolidated report of works accomplished under this head.



E. Technical Education and Training


1.      Proposed to start a new Trade of Motor Mechanic Vehicle at AITC, Trombay.

2.      Proposed to add 10 computers and new short–term courses in Computer Technology to increase student’s strength at AICMEU’s J. R. Career Centre. Special efforts will be made to arrange job opportunities for pass out students.

3.      Efforts will be made to start cookery and other r / vocational courses so as to empower women through SHGs.



 F. Zakah Movement


1.      Proposed to develop network of 1000 members for Tehrik E Zakah India to promote the cause of revival of Zakah institution and promotion of organized and effective use of Zakah funds through out the country.

2.      Proposed to conduct at least five seminars / workshops on centralized Zakat System and educate at least 1,00,000 people about the concept of ‘Centralized Zakah System – And its importance in community Development’.

3.      Proposed to adopt at least 125 widows for monthly stipend through Bait Al Zakah. 



G. Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme


1.      Proposed to economically rehabilitate at least 100 physically challenged persons with financial assistance from HHF, USA and other philanthropic groups and profit and non-profit organizations of India and abroad.

2.      Proposed to start short term vocational training and guidance programmes for development of entrepreneurship skills among physically Handicaps and poor persons of our society.

3.      Proposed to coordinate with Govt. Institutions and manage their schemes to help the physically challenged persons of our society.

4.      Proposed to prepare and print a report of the activities done under this head.

5.      It is proposed to develop a ‘Handicap Relief Centre’.


H. Co-operation and Assistance


We will continue to provide coordination, cooperation and finance to organizations and their activities promoted by AICMEU’s initiative like –

1.      AICMEU’s Baitulmal Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.

2.      Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India.

3.      Community Coordination Initiative etc.

4.      Other NGO’s / Associations of persons active for socio – economic and general welfare of the people.

5.      Certain projects to be taken up in partnership with CCI such as those of Micro Finance and Self Help Groups, Entrepreneurship Promotion etc.  


I. New Projects in the Pipe Line


  1. Master Trainer’s Training Programme submitted to CCI.

  2. NGO’s Capacity Building Workshop submitted to CCI.

  3. Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

Dr. M. I. Bagsiraj

Hon. Secretary General